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The £49 HTML to Wordpress Offer !!!

Why Use Wordpress as a CMS for your website ???

1. Save £££'s
By using wordpress as a CMS for your websites will save you money on maintenance and also adding content to your site. Rather than waiting for your web designer to have time to make amendments to your site you can bascially do most if not all of the work yourself even with limited knowledge about web design.

Converting your exisitng design to wordpress with my html to wordpress service will also ensure that you have a unique site and not a standard wordpress theme but also give you the flexibility and the use of various plugins that saves a lot of time and coding for your website.

2. Ease of Use
Yes wordpress really is that easy! As long as you are comfortable using Microsoft Word or other text editing software then you surely have the skills to make use of the Wordpress platform. You dont need to study at college or university to run a successful website without programming knowledge making it ideal for many users and webmasters!

3. Access
Wordpress supports multiple users and that means anyone can login and do some work to your site. It is also easy to back up to make sure that changes can be undone where necessary.

4. Skyrocket up the Google SERP's

With the right advice and guidance you really can make sure that your site starts generating traffic and ultimately converts to hard cash!



faq's about wordpress

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quick can you convert a html site to wordpress ?

I can convert your html site to wordpress within 2 days. Normally however I would have the conversion done quicker

Can you also help me add plugins?

Yes for a small extra charge I can help you with the SEO side of wordpress and also recommend some other plugins that are very helpful with your wordpress site.

Do you charge VAT?

I do not charge VAT as I am not VAT registered

Why are you so inexpensive?

I charge a fair price as I dont have any overheads to worry about like other companies. My prices are transparent and you wont get any hidden surprises when my work is completed!

Can you supply references or work samples?

I can of course provide references for other html conversions, cheap websites and more high end web design as well as SEO work.

I am too busy to write content for my site can you help?

If you want me to write content for your website I am able to provide this at a very reasonable price of £15 per hour. This can help take out a lot of the hassle of writing good website content.

Can you take care of my on-page optimisation?

Yes thats what I do so no problem. To optimise code for 5 pages of your site I will charge £60, this will include keyword research to make sure that we aren't targeting unrealistic search terms depending on the profile of your website.

Can you add an e-commerce shop to my website?

Yes this is no problem. the costs for a shop will range from £400 - £700 depending on the number of products that you have etc.

Do you offer cheap hosting for the websites ?

As well as cheap web design services I can also offer you some great deals on cheap hosting - for as little as £30 per year (NO VAT)

Can you make a custom wordpress blog design?

Yes this is also something that I offer. Please look at my page on wordpress blog designers to get some more information on this.

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Latest Conversion

Our latest conversion was a massage website from a London company named Aphrodite London Tantric Massage which was converted from a normal HTML design into a wordpress version with many different options and functions available for this London massage business. You can visit the website here

Another site that has recently undergone a transformation from HTML code is another popular site called boiler-repairs-london.co.uk which will also shortly have booking system integrated into the website for users

Only last month another html conversion was completed, this time taking a very old style html site to wordpress. The site in question is Article-writing-services.com, s site traded in for a nice new sleek design

As well as doing a conversion we also made many changes to the wordpress default setting for this tantric massage in London business and have added many different plugins as well as a translation plugin so that the website can be read in various languages. You can visit the website here

One the has been done recently in 2017 which was more of an upgrade was for a Phuket motorbike rental company that we have worked for frequently over the years and turned out a nice bespoke wordpress theme